The Jira Alternative You Shouldn't Gloss Over

Some of the criticism levelled against Redmine in the last few years was mentioning it getting stale and being overtaken by the more dynamic project management software competition (such as Jira) in terms of visual appeal and pure functionality. RedmineX Upgrade is the answer to this criticism, which brings a massive overhaul including:

A much smoother design

Though the classic Redmine design is still quite solid, we believe there was still enough room for improvement. RedmineX Upgrade offers a much easier navigation and an attractive design that sets it apart from most of the project management software. You'll see for yourself.

We consider mobile users

No current software can simply ignore the growing number of mobile users – project management software included. We've worked hard to deliver a Redmine version that would be fully compatible with the needs of this demographic.

Time is money – we're saving you some

Task creation, editing and tracking can be easily done from the main page, and the interface has been carefully designed to allow for a smooth operation that saves time.

Migrate your data with ease

If you're currently working with some of the older Redmine versions, transferring your data to RedmineX should be easy. Migration from some of the other project management software should also be possible. We'll be glad to offer technical assistance if you're not sure how to do it.

Customer support

As mentioned, we're at your disposal at all times for all things Redmine. Need help? Have a question? Contact our customer support and we'll sort it out.

Free Jira Alternatives – Our Plugins Increase Your Options Further

RedmineX Upgrade is not the only plugin in our arsenal. To add even more tools to your project management toolbox, you might consider…

RedmineX Gantt

Gantt charts are your thing? Then this plugin should more than suffice. You can look forward to task inline editing, drag & drop, simple task creation and tracking and more perks that ought to save you some time.

RedmineX Resources

Allocate and keep track of the group and individual workload in the context of your project with this simple to use plugin.

RedmineX Statistics

Interactive graphs and charts – that's what was missing from the previous Redmine versions. This plugin is a godsend for all business analysts and data lovers. Your next company presentation will be impeccable with this tool at your disposal.

RedmineX Calendar & Scheduler

This plugin lets you keep and overview of all the important meetings, deadlines and other milestones. Schedule your work and never miss anything important.

Naturally, all RedmineX plugins are compatible not just with each other, but also with the rest of the Redmine plugins currently popular with millions of users. In the future, we plan to release more – so stay in touch so that we can notify you what's new!

We Can Manage the Hosting for This Open Source Alternative To Jira Too

Not everyone has the means to host RedmineX on his own server. In that case, our hosting service, which can cater to an almost unlimited amount of users, is at your disposal. Our three servers located in the Czech Republic, Canada and Japan, cover the whole globe.

For the negligible price of our hosting, we can offer you:

  • 99,9% availability
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • Firewall
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Over 20 popular plugins (RedmineX Upgrade and Gantt included)
  • Backups on a daily basis
  • 50 GM storage space which can be further expanded

Naturally, our Redmine hosting is free to try as well – we don't sell anything you couldn't try first!