Redmine Brought Into The 2020s

Though Redmine still counts among the best software for project management around, some of its features were starting to get a bit outdated. RedmineX Upgrade aims to bring this software into the next decade by improving and simplifying its design, introducing a variety of time-saving features and finally taking into consideration the experiences of mobile users.

More comprehensive menus

While designing this upgrade, we've focused on improving the menus and making them more easy to navigate. We've made the standard Redmine horizontal menu vertical and added a project menu you no longer have to scroll through horizontally. We've also added a completely new entity menu so you can add new tasks, users or projects.

Time efficiency above all else

On average, we've calculated that RedmineX saves over 20% of your time when compared with standard Redmine. Besides the more easily navigable menus, there are plenty of small upgrades to task editing and a variety of functions designed to save you those precious seconds, minutes and hours.

Finally fit for mobile users

Up to now, Redmine didn't make the most of mobile possibilities. Not that it was completely unsuitable for mobile users, but it definitely had a lot of catching-up to do in this department. With RedmineX, we're finally offering a 100% mobile user experience that allows you to manage your tasks wherever you may be.

Don't worry about data migration

Data migration from the previous Redmine versions into RedmineX is easy and fast. In addition, transfers from other project management software are also possible in most cases.

Constant customer support

Whenever you need an advice or are at a loss, our customer support is here to help you. Don't hesitate to contact anytime.

If you're still unconvinced, then there's nothing easier than trying out RedmneX yourselves. Give out free trial version a go and then decide!

RedmineX Upgrade Goes Well With Other Plugins As Well

Next to RedmineX Upgrade, which makes up the core of our work, we've also developed other RedmineX plugins which you could take advantage of depending on the nature of your project. You might consider one of the following…

RedmineX Gantt

If you're Gantt chart-loving portfolio manager, then look no further than this plugin, which allows you to keep track of all the current projects, create tasks and milestones, has a drag & drop feature, advanced export options and more!

RedmineX Resources

This plugin gives you a clearer overview of groups and users involved in your project and allows for an easier work allocation and planning while helping you avoid capacities collisions.

RedmineX Statistics

More graphs, charts and other visual statistics than what used to be the norm in standard Redmine. With this plugin, you can perform a professional business analysis. A must-have if you wish to expand the Redmine possibilities further.

RedmineX Calendar

This plugin allows for a more efficient scheduling of your work. You can plan meetings, presentations and set important milestones for your project with it.

Keep in mind that we aim to release more RedmineX plugins in the near future. If you wish to stay informed, then leave your contact details below and we'll be glad to notify you of any new additions to Redmine.

Don't Have Your Own Server To Host Redmine? We Can Help

Safe encryption via SSL, Firewall protection, backups and updates on a regular basis and almost 100% availability – those are the features of our hosting servers. If you can't host RedmineX on your own, then this is the first option for you to consider. Our hosting service includes the RedmineX Upgrade and RedmineX Gantt plugins, as well as many other popular and essential Redmine plugins.