More About Redmine X

Though the standard Redmine remains an effective project management tool, some of its functions and aspects were getting a bit outdated in recent years. RedmineX Upgrade sets to rectify some of the standard Redmine weaknesses and add new features of its own to the mix.

Improved design

Though some swear by it, we consider the standard Redmine design a bit less navigable than it could be. RedmineX therefore gives the basic Redmine design an attractive overhaul that is easy to orient oneself in. Not to mention pleasing to look at…

A real time-saver

We've put a great deal of effort into designing features that should be saving your time. Simplified task creation, tracking and editing might save you many extra hours in the long term.

100% suited for mobile phone users

Neglecting mobile phone users in the 2020s would be a grave mistake. Redmine X experience is tailored to suit both PC and mobile users perfectly.

Data migration? No problem

Transferring of your current Redmine data to Redmine X is of course perfectly possible. But even if you're using other project management tools (Jira, Opensource, etc.), you should be able to migrate your data without a problem. Our technical assistance team is here for you should you encounter any difficulties.

Enhance Your Toolkit With More of Our Plugins

Together with RedmineX Upgrade, we've devised more assorted plugins that should cover most of your project management needs. Check out:

RedmineX Gantt

This might be your primary tool for all things Gantt chart. Drag and drop, inline editing and other perks for simple use will make you love this plugin.

RedmineX Resources

With RedmineX Resources, you can easily manage, distribute and oversee the workload of your whole team, as well as individual team members.

RedmineX Statistics

Featuring interactive charts and graph, this plugin is a great tool for business and data analysis. It should make a fine addition to your set.

RedmineX Calendar & Scheduler

Plan your schedule and set dates for deadlines and meetings with this easy to use plugin.

All of our plugins are compatible with other popular Redmine plugins. You don't have to choose one at the expense of another. Also bear in mind that there will be more RedmineX plugins in the future. Leave your contacts here. We'll notify you in due time.