Why You Should Pay Attention To This Plugin

RedmineX Upgrade is one of the, if not the biggest updates to Redmine yet. While still offering all the good perks that made people love the classic Redmine, it brings a plethora of new ones. Ones that should save you time and make your project run much smoother…

  • Modernised UI
  • Better vertical menu
  • My page now allows for up to 50 issues
  • Global New button
  • Collapsible filters
  • Company logo uploads
  • & more...

Choose Our Hosting As An Alternative To The In-House Option

Not all companies have the technical means to run Redmine on their own servers. For these, we offer our safe and secure worldwide hosting service. This option includes more of our RedmineX plugins in addition to Upgrade, such as RedmineX Gantt, Redmine UP Agile, Redmine UP CRM and others.