More About Out MS Project Free Alternative

Some of the features of the classic Redmine were getting a bit dated at the turn of the 2020s. RedmineX Upgrade represents a comprehensive overhaul to this tried and trusted software that brings you a plethora of new functions, upgrades and perks. Why not start managing your own business with it.

A design that finally caught up

While the previous Redmine design had its dedicated fan base, the fact is that the other project management software was beginning to overtake it in terms of easy navigation and visual aesthetics. RedmineX Upgrade therefore comes up with a significant design overhaul that is a joy to use.

Mobile users can breathe a sigh of relief

Unfortunately, the Redmine versions that preceded ours weren't exactly 100% mobile user friendly. RedmineX Upgrade fixes this mistake, since we recognise that the use of mobiles devices for project management is on the rise.

We save your time

Create new tasks, edit and keep track of them with ease and directly from the main page. In the long run, our new time-saving features can save you many precious hours!

You can migrate your data easily

Transferring your data to RedmineX Upgrade from one of the previous Redmine versions poses no problem at all – this plugin is fully compatible with them. But even if you're currently using some other project management software, you shouldn't worry – the migration should be perfectly possible from there as well.

We care for our customers

And are always ready to assist them. If you encounter any difficulties, need an advice of have a question, our customer service is at your disposal at all times.

Try More Of Our Plugins For Free. MS Project Alternatives Don't End Here

There are also other plugins under the RedmineX brand that you might consider if you're looking for some of the more specific functions. Take a look at:

RedmineX Gantt

Your go-to Gantt chart software. Inline editing, drag and drop features and other perks that allow for a smooth task and milestone creation and updating.

RedmineX Resources

Maximise the efficiency of your work groups and individuals, distribute and keep track of new work tasks and manage the overall workload with this Redmine plugin. And then watch productivity spike!

RedmineX Statistics

Finally some interactive graphs and charts which were not exactly Redmine's forte in the past. If you live for business analysis, then this tool is indispensable for you.

RedmineX Calendar & Scheduler

Manage your personal time more efficiently with this Outlook-integrated plugin. Schedule yours (and other users') tasks with ease and comfort.

Easy installation, mutual compatibility, free support and 6 months of free upgrades – these are our Plugins in a nutshell. And you can expect more in the future! Let us know if you want to be notified of any news in this regard and leave your contact details here!

Leave the Hosting For This Alternative To Microsoft Project To Us

Perhaps you don't have your own server capacity to host this software. If so, then our hosting service will handle things for you. We offer worldwide coverage from three server locations (Czech Republic, Japan and Canada).

Our hosting can boast:

  • 99,9% availability
  • SSL encryption
  • Firewall protection
  • Backups and updates on a regular basis
  • Instant support
  • Up to 50 GB storage space

The hosting includes RemineX Upgrade and Gantt together with over 20 popular plugins including Redmine UP Agile, Finances, Invoices and more.

As with all our plugins and services, a free trial goes without saying. Try our hosting and then decide!