Why Choose Our Trello Alternative?

Because you want a contemporary project management system that is well designed, 100% mobile, saves you time, and has rock-solid support in case you need help or a new feature. It is just a click away - it is called RedmineX.

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About Redmine X Upgrade

RedmineX Upgrade crystallised over the years during which we’ve been gathering experience in developing other Redmine plugins. Hopefully, you will find it an improvement over the classic Redmine. We’ve been working hard to deliver a Redmine version which is mobile, easier to use and abounding in time-saving features that might save you hours upon hours of time.

But we’ll let you be the judge of whether we’ve succeeded. RedmineX Upgrade features include:

  • 100% mobile compatible UI
  • A novel Redmine theme
  • Global new button
  • Logo customisation
  • Vertical menus
  • Collapsible Issue parameters
  • Project menu dropdown
  • Issue editing in one click

We Can Also Take Care Of Hosting For You

If running Redmine on site is too costly a task for you, then you can choose our hosting option. Worldwide, safe, regularly backed up - it has all you can ask of quality hosting. Popular additional plugins such as Gantt chart, Agile, CRM, Finance and others are also included. You can try our hosting for free before you decice.