All RedmineX Plugins

  • Are Redmine 4.x and 5.x compatible
  • Are easy-to-install and upgrade
  • Are 100% open source, no CSS & JS catches
  • Include 12 months of updates, bug fixes & support

Other Redmine Compatible & Recommended Plugins

RedmineUP Agile

RedmineUP Agile

The agile board is the best Redmine agile tool on the market, allowing tech teams to work in sprints.

RedmineUP Helpdesk

RedmineUP Helpdesk

The helpdesk plugin makes any customer communication a piece of cake. Communicate directly from Redmine.

RedmineUP CRM

RedmineUP CRM

Manage all your contacts thanks to the Redmine CRM plugin. Full customer profile incl. notes.

RedmineUP Favorite Projects

RedmineUP Fav Projects

The RedmineUP Favorite Projects plugin enables users to quickly filter projects and adds a few handy links.

Redmine Mega Calendar

Redmine Mega Calendar

The Redmine Mega Calendar brings interactivity, creating issues from the calendar view and filtering of events.

Redmine DMS

Redmine DMS

The document management system plugin will bring order to your files in Redmine. Upload, download, version, add notes.

It’s the easy-to-install Redmine plugins that help to make Redmine the best project management tool ever. Leverage the power of Open Source and skyrocket your efficiency now by trying them out now.

By Choosing Redmine, The Best Plugins Are At Your Disposal

One of the reasons why Redmine is so popular is the number of additional plugins which greatly enhance and improve its core functions. Over the years, hundreds of plugins have been developed, some bringing in just minor aesthetic and design improvements, others significantly expanding its potential as a project management tool.

RedmineX wouldn't be what it is if it didn't allow you to take advantage of some of the most practical, efficient and time-saving plugins currently available. User-friendly, easy to navigate and designed to suit all the needs of your enterprise, these plugins might be just what you need…

Are All The Redmine Plugins Necessary? Or Is RedmineX Upgrade enough?

Naturally all of our plugins are completely optional! Their purpose is to suit your particular needs first and foremost. If they don't, then there's no pressure for you to install them. You can  be perfectly fine with the basic RedmineX Upgrade functionalities without taking advantage of, let's say, Redmine Statistics.

Just the RedmineX Upgrade alone should guarantee you most of the features necessary for successful and efficient project management. It is the basis for the rest of our plugins. By choosing it, you're also choosing:

A smoother, more intuitive design

Not that there's anything wrong with the Redmine default. Still, nothing is so perfect it can't be improved. We've given the menu layout and the general theme an overhaul that's easier on the eye.

Improved user experience

And yes, that includes mobile users. We've focused on better loading times, quick task creation and editing, easier navigation and countless other upgrades both big and small that make it much easier for you to navigate.

Time saving

Simple task creation and editing straight from the main page and dozens of other time-saving features save up to 21% of your time compared with the previous Redmine versions.

Enhanced array of functions

RedmineX offers more benefits when compared with basic Redmine, and even with Easy Redmine. You won't find features such as logo upload option, definable priority colours, lightning fast support or one-click issue edit anywhere else.

Check Out Our Redmine Plugins List If Your Project Needs More

Depending on the nature of your enterprise, just the simple RedmineX Upgrade might not be enough to suit your needs. If that is the case, feel free to add any of our additional plugins to widen the scope of your tools. Currently, as stated previously, you can take your pick from the following plugins designed to complement RedmineX Upgrade:

  • RedmineX Gantt
  • RedmineX Resources
  • RedmineX Statistics
  • RedmineX Scheduler

Further down the road, you can expect more and more plugins to be added as we respond to emerging demands of our clients. So don't miss out on any news in this sphere.

Already Have a Favourite Plugin For Redmine?

If you're currently using one of the older Redmine versions and have taken a liking to one of its many plugins, you won't have to part with them if you decide to upgrade to RedmineX.

Any plugin compatible with Redmine 4.x should have no trouble functioning together with our RedmineX Upgrade and other plugins. Our testing, as well as the feedback from our customers, revealed no issues at all.

Explore The Possibilities. Redmine X Free Plugins Can Be Tried At First

The final call is yours. You decide whether you've got use for any of our plugins or not. During a free trial period, you can try out and acquaint yourselves with all their functions . After that, it's up to you whether you'd like to continue using our plugin commercially or whether you can do without it. This goes for every single one of our plugins – try first, buy later.

How To Install These Redmine Add-ons?

You shouldn't have much trouble installing any of our Redmine plugins. Even then, however, we strongly recommend you back up your current Redmine data before starting in the off-chance anything goes wrong – which it shouldn't! Once your data is safe, follow with this simple process:

  1. Unzip your plugin archive and copy its contents to redmine_root/plugins or just copy the whole archive there and then unzip it via console command.
  2. Run bundle install from redmine_root
  3. Once that is done, you must restart Redmine. Depending on the hosting, your command might look something like this: sudo systemctl restart
  4. Once that is done, your new Redmine plugin should be ready to go!

All The Best Redmine Plugins Are Included In Our Hosting Solution

If you don't have a server on which to host Redmine, don't worry – you can take advantage of our own Redmine hosting service. Protected via SSL, regularly updated and backed up and offering a plethora of other benefits, this solution includes some of the Redmine's top plugins, such as

  • RedmineX Upgrade
  • RedmineX Gantt
  • RedmineUP Agile
  • RedmineUP CRM

And countless others needed for efficient project management. As always, we encourage you to give it a free trial first and let us know what you think!