Basecamp Project Management Alternative Unlike Any Other

RedmineX Upgrade is the freshest upgrade to classic Redmine currently available. In contrast to the previous versions, it offers more functions, better user interface and a dozens of other reasons to make it your primary project management tool.

A significant design overhaul

The old Redmine design was slowly failing to keep up with some of the fresher competitors in terms of clarity and visual appeal. With RedmineX, the design finally catches up and takes the lead. Expect a more comprehensive menu and an easier navigation than ever before.

Mobile users are taken into consideration

Not tapping into the mobile users demographic is a number one mistake anyone can make when designing a project management tool. We've been determined not to make it. RedmineX offers 100% mobile user experience. You can literally carry your whole project in your pocket now.

More time-efficient than ever before

Tack creation, tracking and editing is now significantly faster and can be done directly from the main page. All the functions have been made simpler to save your precious time.

Easy migration

If you're using a previous Redmine version, then don't worry about your data being lost to this upgrade – it can be smoothly transferred to RedmineX with nothing being lost along the way. Data transfer from other project management tools (such as Basecamp) should be perfectly possible also.

Customer support

Experiencing any trouble along the RedmineX journey? Our customer support team is here for you at all times.

Try Our RedmineX Plugins For Free. An Alternative To Basecamp To Consider

RedmineX can take many forms besides the most significant RedmineX Upgrade. You might also take an interest in:

RedmineX Gantt

If you love Gantt charts, you're going to love this one. This extremely detailed project management tool using inline editing together with drag & drop features is designed to help you with a much easier task creation and tracking.

RedmineX Resources

Keep track of your resources and use them to their maximum potential. Keep an overview of allocated work and monitor the workload and productivity of your groups and individual users.

RedmineX Statistics

Graphs and charts weren't exactly the first thing to spring to mind when one would say Redmine. This plugin aims to change that. Expect visual dashboards and charts that allow you to analyse your business better.

RedmineX Calendar

You'll never miss a meeting or an important presentation with this plugin which is fully integrated with Outlook. Schedule your task with ease and comfort.

All of our plugins are compatible with one another as well as with other Redmine plugins. You can also expect more of them to be released in the future. Don't miss out on any news in this regard – leave your contact details here and you'll be the first to know.

Consider Our Hosting Service For This Opensource Basecamp Alternative

If you don't have a server of your own to host RedmineX, then you can also opt for our hosting service. Our three server locations in the Czech Republic, Canada and Japan cover the whole globe and can serve an unlimited number of users.

With 99,9% availability, safe SSL encryption, firewall protection and regular backups and updating, you can leave all the safety worries to us and just pay attention to your work.

Our hosted solution includes the RedmineX Upgrade as well as the RedmineX Gantt plugins together with other highly popular plugins such as:

  • Redmine UP Agile
  • Redmine UP Finances
  • Redmine UP HelpDesk
  • Redmine UP Invoices
  • And others!

In addition, our instant support service is here for you at all times should you require any assistance or encounter any problems.

If you feel that this might be just what you're looking for, give our hosting a free try first and then decide!

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