The Best Hosting for Redmine X - The Best Redmine There Is

Redmine counts among the most sought-after tools among those looking to manage their project with efficiency and ease.

Its easy to grasp mechanics and a wide array of third-party plugins allow you to seamlessly track, organise and keep an overview of your work at all times.

Since its conception, this open-source tool underwent many changes, each one building upon the previous to bring better UX, more functions and responsivity.

And now, the next chapter of the Redmine story is here.

RedmineX update is ushering this tool into the next decade with a host of new features and business upgrades. It is the peak of current project management software solutions in terms of user friendliness, efficiency and productivity.

But what if you don't have the server capacity (or even a server itself) to run it? That's where we come in.

You don't need to burden your own servers with Redmine online hosting. We can be your Redmine host ourselves for a price that costs next to nothing.

Focus On Your Work, Leave The Rest To Our Redmine Hosting Service

Your Redmine data is safe with us, encrypted with an SSL protocol and stored on firewall-protected servers. These servers, located in the Czech Republic, Canada and Japan, cover the whole globe and can cater to an almost unlimited number of users.

We run daily backups. No need to worry about anything being lost.

To put it simply - you mind your own project while we safeguard it.

By Choosing Us as Your Redmine Host, You 're Also Choosing…

A very simple migration

If you're currently using one of the older Redmine versions, we'll be glad to assist you with smooth data migration into the new one. You can seamlessly continue to work on your project without much delay or difficulty.

All the plugins you need

You can take full advantage of all of the most popular plugins as part of our hosted Redmine solution. Gantt charts, calendar, statistics, resources and many more are at your disposal.

Continuous Support

Our Redmine hosting service is not limited to just "hosting". We're at your disposal at all times whenever you need help or good advice. Don't hesitate to contact our customer support instantly, we'll be glad to help.

Redmine hosting – online cloud solution from a trusted provider

Try a Redmine hosting solution if you don't have your own server capacity ⭐ Safe, reliable, SSL encrypted and regularly updated online cloud hosting solution ✔.

Data Ownership

The data is exclusively yours. If you decide to stop using our services, we will give you the backup of your database FREE of charge.