This section concerns the RedmineX Upgrade plugin. Below, you will find useful information both about the plugin and the theme that is an integral part of it.



For installation, please visit the installation section.



The plugin is not adding any language strings other than Redmine strings so once you switch into another language, all language strings will be translated automatically.


Home Item

As a part of a better user experience, the plugin is removing the Home item and it is an intended feature. Therefore, after login, you will be redirected to My Page.


Company Logo

To upload your company logo, please go to and upload your logo. It should have roughly the same proportions as the original one if you want to keep it nice & tidy.


Login Images

To change the login image, you will need to upload 2 images - roughly 2000px for the desktop version and about 1000px for the mobile version. No need to restart Redmine, just remove your browser cache / website data, especially when using Chrome. These images get uploaded into the public/themes/redminex_theme/images folder so please make sure the default images are not cached.


Spent Time In The Menu

If you want to turn off the "Spent time" in the top menu, just go to and uncheck the checkbox.


Other Plugins

As you may know, Redmine plugins sometimes battle over which one is going to change a particular view or an element on the page. These battles sometimes result in an internal error which simply means there is an inconsistency. The RedmineX Upgrade plugin changes the new & edit issue views and may collide with plugins that do the same. Therefore, where necessary, we created our versions of the plugins that we will keep up-to-date forever so they are compatible with our Upgrade plugin. So far, it only affects the MEGA Calendar plugin. You can download the updated version compatible with the Redmine Upgrade plugin down below:


Known Issues

Although it is not a bug on our side, the Upgrade plugin has a problem with Redmine CK Editor's known issue described at or As you can see, we tried to contact the creator of this Redmine plugin but got no response. To avoid any issues with the CK Editor Redmine plugin (not the actual CK editor in fact), you can either carry out the adjustment described in the latter GitHUB link:

  1. Locate the file at plugins/redmine_ckeditor/app/views/settings/_ckeditor.html.erb
  2. Find the first line <%= ckeditor_javascripts %>
  3. Replace it with <%= RedmineCkeditor::Helper.instance_method(:ckeditor_javascripts).bind(self).call %>
  4. Restart & migrate

Or you can download the plugin fix at



To discover the full potential of RedmineX Upgrade plugin, we recommend to watch the video below.

Redmine Upgrade