This section concerns the RedmineX Resource management plugin. Below, you will find some necessary information but other than that, the plugin is self-explanatory.



For installation, please visit the installation section.


Introduction Features

To discover the power of RedmineX Resource Management, we recommend to watch the video below.

Redmine Gantt

Getting Started

  1. Create a project: go to /projects and create a project, switching on the Resources module.
  2. Add members: in the members' tab, add all the members you will need to carry out the project.
  3. Allow Resources: for all the roles present on the project, you will need to allow the Resources plugin in /roles.
  4. Start Planning: Resources display tasks and operate mainly with task duration (i.e. the start & due date) and estimated time. Therefore, in order to plan your resources, you will need to first create Redmine tasks (issues).