License & Payment FAQ

Why is there a user limit?

Is it fair that a startup company of 10 people and a limited budget pays the same price as a multinational manufacturing company employing 5,000 people?

How do you count the user limit?

If there are 10 people in our IT department that want to use e.g. the Resources plugin and other 100 people accessing your Redmine that only create tickets, then the plugin is used for 10 people only and you can safely buy the 100 users limit license. If, however, you have 15 project managers managing a total of 150 employees and they want to use e.g. the Resources plugin to manage their teams' work, you will need to contact us because the total of 165 people is well over 100 and there is no license you can use right away. Also, some plugins are used by all active Redmine users by nature, such as the UX plugin.

If I add 1 user over the limit, will the plugin stop working?

No, it is a license limit. However, you will be violating the license so we strongly recommend to get in touch with us to resolve the situation.

Is the price for the plugin final?

It can be. Here's how it works. After the purchase of any plugin, you are automatically subscribed to a recurring plan. By buying a plugin, you get the Redmine plugin and 12 months of updates, support & bug fixes. If you don't wish to be subscribed, you can easily unsubscribe, but after the initial 12 months are over, you will not receive updates, support & bug fixes.

How does the recurring payment work?

After the purchase, you are automatically subscribed to a 12-month plan which recurs with a 67% discount, or 1/3 of the original undiscounted price. You can cancel any time no questions asked, no tricks.

Why is the recurring price not calculated from the discounted price?

The recurring price is always calculated from the full price as the discounted price changes over time.

How do I unsubscribe?

Depending on your purchase method. If you used Paypal, visit your Paypal account and unsubscribe in your automatic payments. If you used a Payment Card, go to your RedmineX account, locate your subscriptions and click Cancel.

I bought a plugin, where is my account?

Using the username and password you created when buying the plugin, you can now log into your account. Once the payment has been processed, you will see the plugin in the download area.

Can I use the plugin without the subscription?

Yes, you can, but you will not receive any updates, bug fixes & support. Also, we would appreciate if you supported the development of new features. We believe the 67% discount is more than reasonable.

How come you don't offer support & bug fixes without a subscription?

We develop open source plugins. If you don't want to pay the subscription on yearly basis, that's totally fine, but then your are getting an open source plugin as is. After the initial 12-month period is over, then there is no support, no updates, no bug fixes, just the open source plugin that is yours to own. We haven't figured a way to live on Prana just yet :-)

What if I don't pay for updates and then decide to update Redmine 2 years later?

You will have to pay the full price of the plugin subscription again.

I have a development server and a production server, does it mean I have to pay twice?

No, the development environment doesn't count - you can run Redmine X plugins at both servers - development & production. It is meant for multiple production servers. We understand you need to test first.

I have clients I want to sell Redmine X plugins to, how do I do that?

Just contact Anna and she'll sort it out with you.