If you are using the Redmine Mega Calendar plugin, this may happen - All issues are shown, My issues are not being shown. Where's the problem. The reasons are quite a few.

1. Wrong Personal Color

If the user sets white as his calendar color in My Account, the issues won't be shown as the majority of themes uses white or light color as the calendar background. Just go to Administration > Users and select a user. Change the Default color to something with more contrast.

2. No Actual Issues

This may seem obvious, but before blaming the calendar, go to /issues and filter out issues that are assigned to you and set the same date range as the My page calendar is set to. This will typically be this week. If there are no issues being shown, there's your reason - you actually have no issues to show.

3. Tasks Are Assigned To A Group

If the issues are assigned to a Redmine group, they will be shown in All issues, but not in My issues, because they are not actually yours.

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