All of our plugins are easy to update, however, we still recommend backing up your Redmine before doing so. Just in case. Better safe than sorry.


Go To /plugins

Remove the plugin folder you want update and upload the unziped folder of the new version. Alternatively, you can copy the archive in the same location and perform the unzip command in the console.


Removing Leftovers

If you are updating the UX Upgrade plugin, you also need to delete the Redminex theme in /public/themes and the 000_redmine_x_ux_upgrade folder in /public/plugin_assets.


Install Gems

From redmine_root run bundle install.


Migrate (Resources & Gantt)

If you are updating Redmine X Resource Management plugin, or the Redmine X Gantt chart plugin you need to run the migration command bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production.



Restart Redmine. Based on your hosting provider, you will need to run a command similar to this: sudo systemctl restart

Need Assistance?

Bc. Michal Staněk

No worries, Just contact Michael at or in the bottom right chat.