Yes, all plugins are 100% open source and you can modify the code. However, we can only cover bug fixing for our parts of the code.

Of course they are. If there's a bug, it's on us:-)

Anything except cash :-) We go with Paypal, credit/debit card, wire transfer.

Just contact us at

Sure, we make custom adjustments for €59 / hour.

All customers will get updates 6 months from the purchase for FREE. If you wish to buy a perpetual license, you need to check that option in the order form and it will renew every 6 months for 12.5% of the original price. If you don't want to buy a perpetual license, that is totally OK, but you will need to buy the plugin again once your license expires and you need to update your plugin. Get in touch with us for a discount if that's the case.